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Assessment Pathway

Reduced muscle strength in the arm and shoulder can make day-to-day life tiring and hard work. Mobile Arm Supports are designed for clients with severe shoulder girdle weakness, helping those with fair or better deltoid strength.

Mobile Arm Supports work by supporting the weight of the arm and the use of multiple articulated joints to facilitate ease of movement.

Whether the weakness is as a result of injury, degenerative muscular diseases or neurological events, Mobile Arm Supports can add an element of independence to a patient’s life, enabling them to feed themselves, brush their hair, use a computer.

Our Team

The Able2 team have been working with Mobile Arm Supports for around twenty years. Our Area Sales Managers are all fully trained on the system and can assess and advise accordingly.


Given the complexity of the Mobile Arm Support system and the conditions they are used to assist, any enquiries we receive are individually assessed by our team: we will visit the patient, examine their abilities and tailor the recommended solution to suit their requirements. This is a service we offer free of charge.

Support and Advice

For many, cost is a barrier when it comes to implementation. Coupled with restricted and complex funding avenues, it can be tricky to receive support in a timely fashion. Especially in the face of a degenerative condition where the window to benefit from a Mobile Arm Support could well be limited.

There are a number of charitable organisations who may well be able to advise on the opportunities available to patients of specific conditions when seeking financial and medical support. It can also be worth engaging with Primary Care Trusts to explore any opportunities they are aware of for individuals with certain disabilities and / or injuries.