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Lightweight exoskeleton that mimics as closely as possible normal human anatomy and movement.

With two links and four degrees of motion that approximates normal human anatomy, the WREX incorporates elastic band elevation assists for both the shoulder and elbow to totally eliminate gravity influence on the extremity.

The unique design of the shoulder and elbow joints allow for a significant improvement in the available range of motion when compared to other assistive devices. Developed for people with neuromuscular weakness such as muscle disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease, that effect upper limbs, WREX acts as a functional aid in activities of daily living. It can also serve as a cost effective exercise/therapy device for people recovering from stroke. 

WREX further information

The JAECO WREX / Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton is a functional upper limb orthosis designed to enhance movement for individuals with neuromuscular disabilities. Its state-of-the-art construction utilises a light weight exoskeleton that approximates normal human anatomy. Linear elastic bands are used both for balance and to assist movement in three dimensions against the effects of gravity. These features provide for exceptional range of motion to aid in a variety of therapeutic and daily living activities.

It can also serve as a cost effective exercise/therapy device for people recovering from stroke. The WREX can be attached to most common wheelchairs and mobility seating systems utilising one of the three Mount Bases provided with the arm.

The WREX is a handed device, so needs to be specified right or left. Being fully adjustable the unit is suitable for most children and adults and can be sized to fit.

Forearm supports are chosen by length to match across four sizes.

The appropriately sized trough can be determined by measuring from the Olecranon Process (just above the elbow) to the Ulna Styloid (base of the wrist) and subtracting one inch.

Included in the WREX package is a choice of two mounts that attach the arm support in the patient’s chosen location – either on a table or to a wheelchair.

Also available is a free-standing frame which enables the patient to use the device from an easy chair or sofa; or even from standing.

Full information about the mount options is available on the Mount product page

Also included is the range of mount relocators that enable the mobile arm support to be set-up at the optimal usage position.

During the assessment process one of our experts will determine which – if any – relocator is needed.

To read more, visit our Mount Relocators page.

Bare metal is not the most forgiving surface for skin contact, neither is it the most attractive. Sized to fit forearm support covers are available and make using the device a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Simple to slip over the forearm trough, more information is available on the Forearm Support Covers page.